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Supplies for Diana Coidan's Pastel Class:

The following is a list of materials for the workshop and can be purchased at:
Jerry's Artarama or Askew Taylor,

** If you are new to pastels and would like to "try before you buy", the gallery will provide you with the pastels, pencils and paper you will need to complete your painting
for a fee of $25 **

• PHOTO Reference: Please bring one of your favorite nature photos to paint from (skies, water etc.) If you don't have a photo of your own, the instuctor will provide one for you.

•SOFT PASTELS: Schmincke, Sennelier, Great American, Unison, Terry Ludwig are all good brands, just bring whatever you have. Soft pastels only, no HARD pastels)

• SURFACE: Diana represents UArt Premium Sanded Pastel paper and they will provide paper for all workshop participants. Please bring a smooth foam board or hard surface, 16x20 or small that you can affix the pastel paper to.

• Latex gloves, if needed.

• Baby wipes and paper towels

• Blenders and pastel sharpeners if you have one (sharpener is optional)

• Pastel or graphite pencils for detail in your piece