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Nicole's Color and Value Workshop

Supplies can be found at Jerry's Artarama:
Please bring the following if you are purchasing your own supplies.
Note: The gallery can supply an OIL KIT for $53 – please scroll down for more info.

1. Specific paint colors in oils or acrylics - see specific colors below

2. Brushes, a variety of sizes A combo of Filberts, Brights (you don't need rounds unless small for details) in a variety of sizes (natural bristle for oils), for example beginner class sizes #2, 4, 6, 8. Jerry’s carries and economical brand, Creative Mark/ Pro Stroke.

3. Metal palette knife - medium sized, for mixing paints

4. We provide table easels for this workshops since you are doing smaller paintings. If you want to STAND for any of this class please being your own portable standing easel

5. Palettes - preferably 12 x 16
OIL Painters: Wood palette or Disposable Paper Palette available at art stores. Jerry's sells containers with blue lid to keep palette organized and for travel
ACRYLIC Painters: we suggest a StayWet Palette, 12 x 16 with red lid. Designed for acrylic paint.

6. Solvent to CLEAN Your oil brushes: Gamblin Gamsol or Odorless Turpenoid (comes in many bottle sizes). NO Substitutes. NO Turpenine, NO Kerosene.

7. CONTAINER for Solvent, Oil Painters please bring a Glass container with a lid or a brush cleaner for your solvent (see image). Acrylic painters please bring a small bucket to hold your water, no lid required.

8. Canvas Panels or canvases - 1@ 12 x 16 (not toned) for color exercises, 2 @ 9 x 12 up to 11 x 14 largest. Extra canvas are always good to have on hand.

9. Apron or Smock to protect your clothes

10. A protective box or paper in your car to protect seats from wet paintings (going home)

11. Paper Towels

12. Gallery will provide photos for this workshop

• Oil Paint Bristle Brushes
Brushes Acrylic paints

Solvent jar
A variety of brushwashers are available

If you are bringing solvent to clean your oil brushes bring ONLY Gamblin Gamsol or Turpenpoid. NO subtitutions!


Paint brands to consider: Charvin, Lukas, Grumbacher, Gamblin etc.

• Alizarin Crimson (Charvin, use Magenta or Rubine Lake)
• Cadmium Red (Charvin -use French Red Light OR Napothol Light)
• Cadmium Yellow (Lukas - use Cad Yellow Light, Charvin - use French Primary Yellow)
• Ultramarine Blue
• Manganese Blue (hue) or Cerulean Blue (hue) or Viridian (note: "hue" is less $$$)
• Titanium White


Paint brands to consider: Matisse Structure, Lukas, Golden, Charvin, or Liquitex. Please purchase acrylic paints that are more heavy-bodied (i.e. not "Flow")

• Alizarin Crimson or Magenta (Charvin - Permanent Red Violet or Matisse - Burgundy Red)
• Cadmium Red Light or Medium (or equivalent)
• Cadmium Yellow (Lukas -use Cad Yellow Light or Charvin - use French Primary Yellow)
• Ultramarine Blue (Charvin - use Deep Ultramarine)
• Manganese Blue or Cerulean Blue
• Viridian
• Titanium Whi
We highly recommend acylic painters use a Staywet Palette and Palettes with lids are also available for oils to hold you disposable paper palettes

Acrylic Palette
ACRYLIC -StaWet Premier Palette

For only $53, you may purchase from the gallery an OIL kit which includes 6 tubes of high quality mixable colors, 3 filbert brushes, paper disposable palette and several small canvas boards and use of Gamblin Gamsol solvent. ($100 retail value). You may borrow gallery palette knives for this class... but they do not come with the kit.

THIS KIT CONTAINS: 6 small tubes of paint
- Napthol Red light
- Ultramarine Blue
- Viridian
- Hansa Yellow
- Alizarin Crimson
- Titanium White

A 9x12 book of palette paper (disposable sheets)

3 filber brushes (sizes 2, 6, 8)

All the canvas boards and solvent you will need during class. We also have extra paint colors and brush sizes you can use while you are here.