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Jean Grunewald's Portrait Workshop

Supplies can be found at Jerry's Artarama:

1. Paints: Bring whatever brand you normally use, these are oil colors so if you paint in acrylic please bring appropriate substitute.

- Alizarin Crimson
- Cadmium Red
- Burnt Sienna

- Naples Yellow
- Cadmium Yellow Medium
- Orange
- Yellow Ochre

- Viridian
- Cinnabar Green
- Raw Umber

- Ultramarine Blue
- Cobalt

- Titanium White
- Ivory Black

-Galkyd Gel Medium or similar

2. Brushes
- #2 & #4 soft filberts
- #4 & #6 soft brights

3. Optional Items

- Small clear T Square
- Calipers - measuring tool
- Value Viewer app on IPAD, available to purchase from iTunes store for $5.

4. Please brings a Portable Stand-up Easel or a Table Easel if you prefer to sit. . Please let us know if you are bringing a table easel so we can plan accordingly with space.

5. Palettes - 12 x 16 size recommended
OIL Painters: Wood palette or Disposable Paper Palette available at art stores. Jerry's sells containers with blue lid to store palette during painting and for travel.
ACRYLIC: StayWet palette paper + container, the lid for these is Red

6. Solvent to CLEAN Your oil brushes: Gamblin Gamsol or Odorless Turpenoid . NO Substitutes. NO Turpenine, NO Kerosene. You don't need a lot of solvent.

7. CONTAINER for Solvent, please bring a suitable solvent container or glass jar with a lid or a brush cleaner for your solvent (see image). ACRYLIC painters please bring a container to hold your water.

8. Canvases:
Centurion linen painting panels (or similar smoothness) 8x10, 9x12, 11x14, 12x16
or bring an assortment to choose from

9.Photo Reference
Please bring 8.5 x 11 printouts if possible. The head should NOT be larger than life size, in fact smaller is better.

9. Pencil and Thin Black Magic Marker

10. Red and brown Acrylic paint pencil .07-POSCA
or Red Pigma Graphic #1 archival marker or similar

11. Value Scale. You can print one you find online or purchase one at Jerry's.

12. Small Handheld Mirror. Don't buy one just for this class, we can also take paintings into the gallery bathroom and use that mirror if you don't have one.

13. Small tray table to put your paint/supplies on beside your easel if you don't have a self contained (French) easel

14. Apron or Smock to protect your clothes

15. Protect Your Car - A protective box or paper in your car to protect seats from wet paintings (going home)

16. Paper Towels

Bring a portable standing easel, French easel etc, that
can support a 16 x 20. Most lightweight styles available at Jerry's and other art stores

1 or more palette knives similar to this shape

Solvent jar
Glass jar for solvent with LID. Many container styles available at Jerry's . Bring ONLY Gamblin Gamsol or Turpenpoid. NO subtitutions!

We highly recommend acylic painters use a Staywet Palette with disposable paper palettes, the container has a red lid.

Acrylic Palette
ACRYLIC -StaWet Premier Palette