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Kim English Workshop


1. Portable Easel (French Easel, Pochade Box, etc...)

2. Brushes - Kim uses a 3/4" flat and a couple of smaller brushes.

3. Palette Knife

4. Palette Glass or wood

5. Solvent to CLEAN Your oil brushes: Gamblin Gamsol or Odorless Turpenoid (comes in many bottle sizes). NO Substitutes. NO Turpenine, NO Kerosene.

6. CONTAINER for Solvent, Oil Painters please bring a Glass container with a lid or a brush cleaner for your solvent (see image). Acrylic painters please bring a small bucket to hold your water, no lid required.

7. Canvas It is very important that you come with enough canvas for this class! Plan on up to 10 studies per day, which could add up to 30 canvas total. The actual number you use may be less, but it's best to be prepared. When Nicole took his workshop she used a canvas pad, and you can even split pages of a 12x16 canvas pad in half (and do 2 paintings per page). Canvas size ranging from 8x10 to 11x14. If you think you will wipe off your studies (oil painters only) to re-use canvas, you can bring less.

8. Apron or Smock to protect your clothes

9. A protective box or paper in your car to protect seats from wet paintings (going home)

10. Towels: Kim prefers rags over paper towels but you can bring your preference. If you choose to wipe off your studies and re-use canvas, the rags work better.


Bring whichever brands of paints you normally use:

• Alizarin Crimson
• Quinacridone Red or Rose
• Cadmium Red

• Cadmium Orange
• Cadmium Yellow

• Cadmium Green Pale
• Pthalo Green

• Cobalt Blue
• Ultramarine Blue

• Titanium White



Gamblin Gamsol or Turpenpoid NO subtitutions