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Nicole's Studio Oil or Acrylic Painting Workshops

Supplies can be found at Jerry's Artarama:

Charvin Brand Oil Paints are available exclusively at Jerry's Artarama. Other good Jerry's oil brands are Lukas, Grumbacher, Gamblin or Richeson oils (Richeson available online at or Askew Taylor stocks them in house). If you use Acrylics, check out the Matisse Structure or Lukas brands.
Nicole uses primarily Charvin and Richeson oils but doesn't limit herself to those two brands.

Charvin equivalent paint names are in (parenthesis)
• Alizarin Crimson or Magenta (Charvin - Magenta/Rubine Lake)
• Cadmium Red (Charvin - French Red Light OR Napothol Light)
• Cadmium Yellow Light (Charvin - French Primary Yellow)
• Ultramarine Blue
• Manganese Blue or Cerulean Blue
• Titanium White

• Same colors as above, there are many brands at Jerry's: Matisse, Lukas, Golden, Liquitex. Please purchase acrylic paints that are more heavy bodied, ie: not "Flow".

** If you are buying Charvin Acrylic brand paint,
please substitute Ultramarine Blue Deep for regular ultramarine, Cad red light or medium, French Yellow Primary, Permanent Red Violet or other cool Magenta-like color.

• Blues: Please do not purchase Thalo Colors for Beginner, Beyond Beginner or any of Nicole's workshops
Yellows- No lemon, citron, or pale yellow.

For classes other than Beginner or Beyond Beginner
you can supplement with other paints you normally use.

** SUPPLY KIT: Students can also purchase an OIL supply kit from the gallery for $48 (a $90 value) which includes 6 tubes of paints (equivalent to above), 3 filbert brushes, paper palette and the gallery will provide the canvases you will use throughout the class + solvent. (These kits can be re-used in subsequent classes, students will only need to buy their own canvases, the gallery also has canvas boards for sale).
Call or email for more info!

For Beginner & Beyond Beginner, bring the following quantity and sizes. You may bring canvas boards or stretched canvas, whatever suits your budget, both are fine:

• 2 @ 6 x 8
• 1 or 2 @ 8 x 10 or 9 x 12
• 1 or 2 @ 11 x 14 (it's always better to have too many canvas than too little)

• For All Other Workshops:
The gallery will email you info on what size of canvas board or stretched canvas to bring.

Bring one medium sized palette knife to use for mixing your paints on the palette. Plastic palette knives are better for acrylic paints, metal for oils.

Please no plastic plates or anything smaller than 9 x 12, no "round" plastic palettes with pre-measured mixing holes (like watercolor palettes).
Oil Painters: A disposable rectangular waxy paper palette, 9 x 12 or 12 x 16. We also recommend you purchase a plastic sealable box to store the paper in, it makes storage and transporting much easier, they come in both sizes.
For Acrylic Painters...the best option is a "STA WET palette" a Painters Pal Palette 9 x 12 at Jerry's they also come 12 x 16. It comes with a sta-wet pad that keeps your paints from drying out and is also sealable.

A combo of Filberts (rounded) and Brights (square/rectangle) in a variety of sizes (natural bristle for oils), for example sizes #2, 4, 6, 8, 10.
Jerry's has great sales on these brands: ProStroke Premium White Bristols and the Creative Mark series. Acrylic Painters: Pro Stroke for Acrylics work well. There is also an acrylic brush kit that comes in a set of 8.

Due to health reasons Nicole's Studio only allows odorless Gamblin Gamsol solvent in the gallery. (Note: Turpenoid in the blue/white container is not odorless). Solvent is provided by the gallery in the Beginner and Beyond Beginner. If you bring your own solvent it must be in a sealable container that you can take with you.

WE NEVER POUR SOLVENT DOWN THE DRAIN, you can let the sediment settle for several days and pour off the clean, here's a YouTube video that explains the process:

ACRYLIC: Please bring a small container for water to wash your brushes.

EASELS: We provide easels for Beginner and Beyond Beginner classes. For other classes please bring your own easel....if you don't have one please contact the gallery to reserve one. We have stools and chairs for those who prefer .

• Paper Towels
• Apron or smock
• Please make sure you have a carboard box, paper or newspaper to protect your car when you take you paintings home