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Supplies for Dawn Whitelaw's

NOTE from Kelly & Nicole:

Dawn specifies the Blue Ridge brand of paints below, but students are not required to purchase that brand, you can substitute your own favorite paint brands.


The emphasis of the class will be learning to use photographic reference material. You will need to bring about 5 pieces of reference materials from which to make your selection. The material should be ORIGINAL, taken by you. Photographs should be made WITHOUT A FLASH. Subject matter can be people, landscapes, interiors etc.

If you prefer to bring a digital reference (instead of a printed photo) you can bring a laptop or iPad to view the material. If you need to plug your device in please, please let us know in advance we we can have enough power strips available. You'll also need to bring your own charger, we only have one Apple charger here for our own use.


* A Portable easel (one that will hold a canvas size 16x20 - 20x24)

* Small table or TV tray (only if you need one, some easels are self contained, the gallery has some tray tables available, please email us to reserve one).

* Palette (best not to use a white one)

* Palette knife for mixing

* Paper towels

* Trash bags

* Three medium size canvas or canvas boards (16x20 - 20x24). Whatever you like to paint on will be fine. You may work on a white canvas or a pre-stained (tinted) one.

* Bring a medium if you like to use one

* Oil painters, bring Gamsol or an ODORLESS thinner only. Please also bring a non-breakable container to hold it. (*No glass containers*)

* Bring the usual paints, brushes, mediums and other supplies that you normally use.

*Notebook and pen for taking notes during lecture

These are the supplies Dawn uses but you DO NOT HAVE TO BUY these particular things, it is for your information only.

I use an assortment of different sizes and shapes of brushes that are both natural and synthetic. * Silver Brand Grand Prix bristle brushes in filberts, large rounds and flats
* Escoda bristle brushes in filbert shapes
* Rosemary synthetic brushes especially the ivory and evergreen series

I have been using a line of oil paint called BLUE RIDGE OIL COLORS. In the past few years, I have used them exclusively and like them very much. I also like the consistency and I like the tinting strength. It is stronger than what I have previously used. They also stay wet longer, which I like very much. If you are interested in giving these paints a try, contact Ed Silver to order at or email Eric at Since you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you are paying wholesale prices. His paints are high-quality paint for mid-range prices.

* Titanium White or Zinc Titanium Mixture
* Ultramarine Blue
* Pyrol Red
* Cadmium Yellow Medium

* Transparent Red Oxide
* Prussian Blue

For years I have worked with a 3-color palette…three primaries plus white. The Blue Ridge colors I use are: Ultramarine Blue, Pyrol Red, Cad Yellow medium and Titanium white. I am experimenting with some additional colors which may or may not stay on my palette. These colors are Indian Yellow, Transparent Red Oxide, and Prussian Blue. I have used a three-color palette for decades and I have recently expanded it.

If you have any other questions about the supply list please contact the gallery: